Why Are Solar Panels Good Choice For Your New Home?

A home is the biggest asset for many people and maintaining it properly is crucial to ensure it holds its value. Installing new features and upgrades on your property can enhance your lifestyle and help improve your property’s market value. Homeowners who install solar panels for their homes receive lower electric bills, lower carbon footprints, and increased home values. 

How does solar power work? 

The solar panels on your roof absorb the sunlight with a solar-powered system and turn it into electricity, which is then used to power your home. This created energy is free, clean, and at the same time environmentally friendly. 

But how much does it cost? 

The main cost of owning a system comes upfront when buying the equipment, as solar power is capital intensive. The solar module will almost certainly represent the largest single component of the overall expenses. 

There are three types of the solar power system: 

  1. On-grid solar/ grid-connect solar – This system is most commonly installed in Australian houses. About 95% of solar systems in Australia are of this type. This is a solar power system that is connected to the grid. It has no batteries connected to it. 
  2. Off-grid solar – An off-grid solar power system is completely independent, just as the name suggests. The energy storage is not connected to the main utility grid. Solar panels are the only source of energy in an off-grid solar power system. 
  3. Hybrid solar – A hybrid solar power system has energy storage that is very similar to an on-grid solar power system but has a battery backup for energy storage. 

You can opt for many upgrades in your new home for a better lifestyle and increased home value. You can get in touch with our team at Ridgewater Homes and select the best options to suit your family’s need and requirements. 

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