What to expect when building for the first time

It can be not very comforting specially if you are a first home buyer and aren’t sure what to anticipate. But it doesn’t have to be. Here, we give you an idea of what to expect at each stage of the building process, so you can feel confident as you embark on your project.

Initial Design Concept

To get started, you’ll need to hire a draftsperson, architect, or building designer to create a preliminary concept for your project.

Find out more about each designer’s expertise, approach, prices, and deliverables to determine if they’re a suitable fit for your project by meeting with them. It’s crucial to choose a person you feel comfortable with, understand your vision, and respect your financial constraints.

To better understand the situation, a designer or an architect may visit the site and produce two or three design concepts based on the information you have shared with them.

Additionally, your architect will likely provide you with an estimated price range for the construction of your project at this stage. However, it is highly recommended that you work with a builder to get a more accurate cost estimate and ensure that your plans align with your budget.

Finalise Design

As soon as you’ve decided on a design concept, the architect will go to work on creating more detailed drawings that show the various materials and building methods that will be employed during construction.

Permit Approval

As soon as they are finished, the architect’s plans are submitted to the city council for approval. The council reviews building safety rules, zoning, town planning, and overlay requirements before either accepting the plans or asking the architect to make changes. This procedure could take many months, depending on how quickly the town processes your permit request.

Select Your Builder

While you wait for the local government to approve your plans, you can begin searching for a builder who can bring them to life on the ground.

For those who already have a builder in mind, you can directly ask for a construction estimate from them. A limited tender might also be conducted by your architect, requesting several builders to submit quotations for your consideration.

Prioritize builders with a proven track record and a straightforward fixed-price estimate that outlines exactly where your money will be spent when comparing quotes.


As soon as you’ve had your blueprints approved and decided on a contractor, the fun begins. The following is an outline of the various stages in the building process of a house:

  • Site Preparations & Base Stage- The foundation and footings for your new home will be laid by your contractor.
  • Frame Stage- To get an idea of how big this house is, the roof trusses and wall frames have been put in place.
  • Lock-up Stage- Roof and wall cladding and window and door installation have been completed on this property.
  •  Fixing Stage- Installation of interior cladding, architraves, skirting boards, internal doors and flooring, and any other fittings or fixtures is completed.
  •  Final Stage and Handover –Painting and tiling have been completed, along with plumbing and electrical work. The home will be inspected by a council building surveyor, who will issue an Occupancy permit.

The last part is a Certificate permitting you to move into your new home. Let us know if you are a first home buyer and need a free consultation from our team of experts.




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