Top Interior Colour Trends Of 2023

The colours resonate in distinct ways for different people; it reflects our personalities and style. As we transition into a new year, the interior paint colour trends for 2023 will positively impact your space. From neutrals to vibrant bright colours, here are the top trends of 2023. 

Raspberry Blush 

This is an orangey-red colour that is going to be big in the interior world. It is announced as the colour of the year by Benjamin Moore. It is bright yet brings a very warm sunset feeling to the house. Perfect for someone who wants to try something bold in their home. 

Warm Neutrals 

Warm neutrals are very versatile, especially in modern homes, as they enhance the whole look of the house and let furniture and other pieces stand out more. It makes your home airy and fresh, making it one of the safest colours to incorporate into your home. 

Earthy Browns 

It is a raw, organic tone of colour that makes the place look cosy yet very modern at the same time. It’s the perfect colour for creating a dramatic accent or transforming a small space into a comfortable, enveloping environment. 


The popularity of grey looks like it is going to continue even in 2023. While grey is one of the most basic colours, it can absorb negative energy and bring a soothing and calming feeling into the space. The colour can work with many interior styles and complement other colours. 

We at Ridgewater Homes are excited to be part of your home-building journey. If you are confused, you can contact our expert team to help you choose the perfect colour palette for your new home. 

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