Top 5 Kitchen Design Trends In 2020

The kitchen is the heart of your home. It is a functional space, but basic interior design elements here are as important as other rooms. It is generally the centre of every home. There are many choices when it comes to selecting a kitchen style, let’s explore the various kitchen styles trending in Australia this year. 

1. Modern Kitchen 

A modern kitchen is a neat, clean, and orderly kitchen. It emphasizes smooth surfaces like concrete and steel, strong horizontal lines and plenty of open space. Today’s modern kitchen is fashionable yet minimalist at its best. They often use beautiful stone benchtops. Smooth drawers and recessed lighting storage solutions, land bench cut out shelves and open shelving besides, integrated fridges pull out pantries and pull out bins are ideal. 

2. Contemporary Kitchen 

The first thing you think of in a contemporary kitchen is clean lines and not a lot of adornment or overly decorative features. Though the contemporary design is by nature, fairly ambiguous. The few qualities that help contemporary style are, neutral palettes, stark minimalism, clean lines, organic silhouettes are some of the prominent characteristics. It has soft close drawers, cupboards induction, cooktops, clever storage solutions, and integrated the latest appliances. 

3. French Provincial Kitchen 

French provincial kitchens are timeless and a favourite choice. They add tenderness and spirit. It is richly detailed yet elegant and refined. French provincial cabinetry is ornate often featuring carved facings. Usually, materials are traditional that include ceramic tiling, stone benchtops. Lighting is the final touch on your provincial kitchen. A series of pendant lights above the island has always been the mainstay. 

4. Shaker Style Kitchen 

Shaker style kitchen designs are incredibly versatile. Whether you prefer modern or traditional or extravagant, shaker kitchen cabinets are the most popular style cabinet doors. They are characterized by a five-piece door with a recessed centre panel some are very clean and simple while others have decorative edge detailing. Today almost all shaker doors are made out of machine grade moisture resistant. Oak and timber finishes are reflective of the traditional shaker style and can either be applied across the full kitchen or one feature area of the room. Painted shaker styles are equally as popular with white, cream and shades of soft grey creating a light. 

5. Hamptons Kitchen 

Hamptons style has grown in popularity over the last decade. Hamptons kitchens are breathtakingly beautiful. They blend a touch of old with new for a sophisticated finish. The main components are space and light; white remains the colour of choice. However, other pale neutral colours are also desirable, like sandy tones that reinforce the coastal theme. Plain white cabinetry is another feature of Hamptons kitchen style typically, islands are seen in Hamptons kitchen almost everywhere as they provide additional space for bench and storage plus a comfortable area for informal stool seating. 

What kitchen style to choose is your personal decision to keep these vital things in mind you will be able to decide better whether you want to go with a modern, contemporary, shaker, Hampton, french. These are an array of options we will assist you in deciding the best kitchen style suited to your home and lifestyle. 

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