Top 5 Home Facade Design Tips

As we all know, people judge a book by its cover, and it’s no different when it comes to homes. The facade of a house plays a key role in making a great first impression and reflects the personality of its occupants and the space it holds inside. Especially in current times where everything is about aesthetics, you have to get it right for your home façade.

Here are our top 5 home façade design tips: 

1. Style

You can look at the key features of different architectural styles and learn more about them. See what is your preference is and what you like, is it the gabled roofline of Hamptons style or modern design? Or if you want to go with a clean and contemporary or heritage-inspired classic. Just go with what you want because it is your home after all.

2. Choose Color Scheme

The exterior is where you should stay on the safe side. Going for vibrant colours and making your house stand out in the neighbourhood can be a tempting idea, but it won’t be your best option for the long term. Go with the neutral palette as they never go out of style, and it adds a classy and luxurious look to your façade.

3. Stone Cladding

Stone cladding is natural, durable and you have got an extensive range of colours and schemes to select from. It is weather and fire resistant and increases the value of your home, which makes it one of the best options for your façade.

4. Lighting

A good lighting is everything. During the daytime, the direction and sunlight intensity change with time, and the appearance of the building changes with daylight. When different lighting control combinations and lighting methods are used at night, the building’s façade gives a different image. Consider adding soft ambient lights to feature wall, side pillars, and line pathways with stylish deck lighting or bollard.

5. Facade Landscaping 

Façade landscaping can change the look of your exterior. When it comes to selecting a landscape design for your front yard, go for a mix of plants, grass, rocks, tiles, or pebbles to give your garden both sophistication and life.

For more tips and advice on choosing a façade for your home, you can visit us or call us on 1300 784 533

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