Tips For Connecting Indoor and Outdoor Spaces In Your Home

Linking indoor and outdoor space has become a growing trend. The outdoor and indoor spaces were considered as two separate entities before. But due to the Pandemic, everyone is forced to spend their time at home these days, and people want to experience outdoor feeling inside their own homes. This allows the homeowners to have an area of entertainment and escape in their own homes. Connecting outdoor and indoor spaces not only will make your interior look more prominent, but a nice backyard can serve as a pleasant refuge that will enhance your mental health. 

Here are a few tips for connecting indoor and outdoor spaces in your home: 

1. Bring outdoors’s elements inside

Where the home meets the backyard, add plants in that area to seamlessly merge the two living areas. You can accomplish this by keeping plants near windows or by a doorway. As for the outside area, you can position the plants near the house to link both areas but make sure the plants are at eye level and not high, blocking the light from going inside. 

2. No wall 

Instead of a solid wall, you can go with see-through contemporary glazed doors for maximum connection to your outside space. One of the most in trend for this are bi-fold doors with narrow framing as it creates a seamless indoor-outdoor link. It is available in many sizes, colours, and styles. However, other options could offer a better solution for your requirements and needs. 

3. Create an Outdoor Room 

You can extend your ceiling from the indoors to the outdoors to create the perception that the two spaces are connected. An alfresco also extends your enjoyment, but also you can have many design and usage options compared to an open patio. The covered alfresco allows you to have cosy overstuffed conversation seating and wiring for an outdoor flat-screen TV, both of which provide a sense of relaxation and freshness at the same time. 

If you’d rather start fresh instead of trying to convert your current home to an indoor-outdoor oasis, Ridgewater Homes welcomes the chance to build your next dream home. 

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