Things to Consider when Downsizing Your Home

Whenever you decide to relocate or start thinking about downsizing your family home for less maintenance or to reduce the cost of living, downsizing is an option. Yet, many people overlook one of the most important factors of moving, and that’s downsizing your home to fit into your new place. The time has come to downsize your home, and you’re not sure where to start. Whether you’re looking to move into an assisted living facility or simply want to free up some space, downsizing can be both exciting and stressful. Take these tips for successfully downsizing your home into consideration as you begin this process so that you can reduce stress, enjoy the experience more and make sure you get everything out of your home that you want to keep before moving on.


Location is very important in moving, as you need to make sure the location of your new home is where you want it to be. You can use movers to help with this, as they don’t charge by the hour and can move large items easily. This will allow you to determine where you’d like your home located before moving in. Whether or not it’s in a more populated area will depend on your lifestyle and all the potential perks of either a city, suburb or country life.


Accessibility is also another factor to consider before moving. Your new home may be in an area that isn’t easily accessible for you if you’re ageing or disabled. It’s also important to make sure new accessibility features work, like if there are stairs in your home if you need a ramp or elevator, as well as handicap-accessible bathrooms and doorways.


Finances are something you should always keep in mind when downsizing a home. The more items you leave behind, the less money you’ll have to spend. You can sell items at a consignment shop or online; donate the items; or throw them away. It’s important to check with local charities and donation centres in your area before throwing away any items so that they can properly dispose of them and make use of them instead of wasting them.


It’s natural to want to hold onto items from your past when downsizing your home. Yet, you need to consider if it’s necessary. Does an item hold special meaning for you? If not, it’s okay to let go of those items that you don’t need anymore. It’s important to establish good habits now so that you don’t have this problem in the future.

The Right Order

The order of how you’ll downsize your home is also very important. If you don’t start with one room and work on getting rid of everything else, you might be stressed out more than if you did it in a more organised way. It doesn’t have to be in order, as you can often lean on the furniture that’s already there to get rid of bigger items first.

New Beginnings

Downsizing your home can seem like a daunting process. However, you have the ability to do this all on your own if you have the proper knowledge and time. When you use a checklist, like the one above, it’ll help ensure that nothing gets missed. This will ensure that you get rid of everything you no longer need in order to make a fresh start in your new home or assisted living facility.

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