Single vs Double Storey Homes – Ridgewater Difference

Single Storey Homes

If you’re considering building your dream home, deciding what you want can be very overwhelming. And if you’re still confused about whether or not a single-storey home would be a good fit for you, we have got you covered. 

Considering the modern lifestyle, single-storey home has many advantages. The best benefit of building a single-storey home is that it makes a solid investment if you ever plan to re-sell your house. Single-storey homes are much easier to sell due to the high demand for most people with particular accessibility and safety needs. The maintenance of the property is more convenient, both external and internal, as all areas are within view, so homeowners can always easily determine which part needs upkeep and cleaning. 

The single-storey houses have a wider appeal, making your home look spacious and big. Single-storey homes provide better accessibility to family members of all ages. 

If you think that a single-storey home is too boring and not “luxurious” looking, view our full range of impressive single-storey home designs. 

We have many Single-storey home designs that offer a blend of aesthetics and functionality, complete with luxurious features such as an alfresco area for you and your family can have fun in the sun, a designated study/work area, and a separate home theatre to enjoy your favourite movies. 

As award-winning custom home builders in Melbourne, we combine our highest quality construction standards with architectural excellence to offer a stunningly stylish home to our customers that are also highly durable. 

Double-Storey Homes

If you plan to build a home in Australia, a double-storey house design can be your perfect option. With a double-storey home, you can have it all: a spacious, comfortable home without sacrificing any outdoor space. We design our double-storey floorplans that have extensive spacious areas to entertain and have secluded places to escape, catering to each member of the family at every given moment. 

Our double-storey home plans leave you spoilt for living space, with carefully designed indoor/outdoor spaces and thoroughly thought-out use of both upstairs and downstairs spaces built for comfortable family living. 

There are several reasons why choosing a double-storey home could be the best option for you and your family. There are a few factors to consider when deciding between single and double-storey home designs. 

This is the best option if your land is small, as it maximises your land by doubling the square footage of your home without taking up an excessive amount of land. This is a great way to make the most of your land. 

A double-storey home means a lot of space which means it is easy to create separate and designated spaces for different purposes in your home. You can have a separate office room from where you can work and be productive without being disturbed by your family. 

The best part about a double-storey home is the view that you get. Your master bedroom can have a balcony from where you enjoy 

With our extensive range of double-storey house plans on offer, you’ll be sure to find a double-storey house design that reflects your lifestyle. Each home can be customised as per your taste and style with luxury finishes and fixtures and façade choices, just to make the home uniquely yours.

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