Reasons Why House and Land Packages Make Ideal Investments

If you are looking for ideal real estate investment plans, then consider a house and land package. Often, when people think of an investment in real estate, they usually look towards existing homes or apartments. But they don’t consider the benefits of investment in land and home packages. A new home has many more investment benefits than one could imagine. By investing in a newly developed home, you get tenants who are willing to pay extra and get great new locations. If you are yet to consider this investment, then you are missing out. 

Below are some great reasons why the house and land packages make up the most considerable investment. 

Choose your design 

With this investment plan, you get the freedom to choose your block and design (floorplan, design, and more included value). You can customize the house to make it attractive to get more tenants or as per your lifestyle, budget, and goals and for a reasonable valuation. 

Low maintenance 

Since it is a new house, it has little to no maintenance because the builder’s guarantee will cover the building, fixings, and fittings as per the years mentioned in the contract. Along with that, in a new home, the technology used will be the latest. You can select good builders who use higher quality materials and better construction techniques than before, making it better built and very efficient to maintain. 

Tax reductions 

Depreciation benefits are pretty significant in a brand-new home. The tax deductions can get claimed for a new home. It can be claimed for each depreciable asset, including fittings and fixtures and the cost of the building’s construction. It would help if you were in constant consultation with professionals who will show you how to gain from it. 

Stamp duty savings 

Investing in this package means you only pay for stamp duty on the land element. This saving in colossal amount is because the house is not built yet. You are only paying for the value of land components and not the home and the land components. 

At Ridgewater Homes, we have a wide range of house and land packages on offer that you can select from for your investment plan. 

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