How To Design Energy Efficient and Eco-Friendly House?

When designing a house, most of the time, the focus is on looks and quality. In achieving a dream home, things like eco-friendliness and energy efficiency are out of the picture. The reason could be because of people’s lack of knowledge and understanding of the many benefits of green home designs. In today’s world, going green isn’t just a trend, but it has become a lifestyle for many. With an energy-efficient house, it will be beneficial for you not only for the living but also at the time of resale. 

So, today in this blog, we will talk about how to make your home energy efficient. 

Floor plan designing 

Let’s start with the basics. The first step for having an energy-efficient house is choosing where everything in the house will be. Decide the direction of the windows and which side is the room is facing. Usually, the north-facing room has less sunlight, and the south-facing room has more. Discuss these things with your builder, and they will provide you with great options and ideas. 

Building Choices 

  1. Go for surfaces and materials for walls, roofs, and floors that are energy efficient and are less maintenance. 
  2. Choose LED lights for your house. 
  3. Remember to install fans when installing an air cooler. 
  4. For taps and showerheads, choose water-saving options. 

Plan your landscape 

Landscaping is one of the essential steps in making your home eco-friendly. Choose your plants wisely and carefully plant them because for plants to grow and stay healthy, their placements are everything. 

If you are planning to design and build your very own Green-inspired, Eco-friendly home, the team at Ridgewater Homes can help you to choose and select the best options for your home. 

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