How to Design a Fabulous Laundry

We can all agree that no one enjoys doing laundry. But having a pleasant and useful workspace can make this chore a little fun for you. 

The laundry room is one of the most used areas in your house. From washing, drying, folding, to ironing, we spend several hours in a laundry. But still, it is the most neglected room when it comes to doing it’s designing. Usually, a washing machine/dryer is just thrown in the room with a few shelves above. Nothing exciting, plain, and boring! 

So before beginning to design your laundry room, there are a lot of factors that you should consider. 

Make it part of your home 

Your laundry room should blend with the rest of the house. It should reflect the same decorating style, colour, and features. As for the colour of walls or floors, it is better to go with neutral and light colours because you don’t want to dull the space down. However, if you are into bold colours, then this is the best opportunity to take the risk as the space is small and that makes it safer to try out your new ideas here. 

Focus on functionality 

When designing your laundry room, don’t just focus on the decor, but you should keep in mind that it should be equally functional. The laundry room should be designed according to 4 main activities: sorting, washing/drying, ironing, and hanging. This doesn’t necessarily require colossal space, but with some creative planning, you could be able to fit in a lot of utility even in a smaller area. 

Maximize Storage 

The laundry room is not only meant for doing laundry. Usually, people store cleaning items and other necessary household products in their laundry rooms. Having a combination of closed and open storage can help to maximise your laundry room’s storage. For storing the items, closed storage is better as it gives your laundry room a more organised and cleaner look. Whereas, open storage is best for keeping frequently used items along with a few decorative pieces. 

Some Extra tips to give your laundry room that display home look: 

The Sinks 

There are many types of different sinks that are available in the market, but make sure to choose stainless steel inset sink which is easier to clean and also to maintain. If you have space in your laundry, always opt for two sinks next to one another. 

Depth of the benchtop 

The depth of the bench is very important. It should be deep enough for your appliances and sinks. The sinks in the laundry are usually more prominent compared to other sinks, and it will also have hoses behind your washing machines. So, the usual depth of the kitchen’s bench would not be enough for the laundry room. 

Hide your washing machine taps 

This is an essential and necessary step to get that complete display home look! Plumbing taps and power points being visible will destroy the look of the laundry room. Hide them inside your cabinetry near the washer, so it is convenient. 

Flooring and splashbacks 

A laundry room is a place where you use water a lot. This requires having a non-slippery floor which is suitable for a wet area. Also, include feature splashback above your benchtop and sink for ease of cleaning and to spice up the overall look. 

Having a fabulous laundry room does not require a large space or a big budget, but it requires smart planning. Just take a little time out for it, you can easily have a well-designed stylish looking laundry room with great functionality as well. 

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