How to Decide the Right Floor Plan

Choosing a floor plan can be challenging when it comes to building a new home. Some of the tips below will help you in making a decision when deciding on a floor plan.

Follow the latest design trends

Inspiring interior design trends can transform a home into a modern and luxury living space. Make a decision of what’s an ideal design for you before beginning a process. Some prefer contemporary living whereas others prefer modern design.

Latest design trends also include energy efficiency, new building technologies such as automation or smart homes, open and liveable homes, with a focus on comfort and style that will shape Australian homes.

Efficiently utilise the shape of the block

Different developers have different building requirements and they need to be acknowledged to get the building permit. Consider the setbacks, easements and other covenants to follow design guidelines. Some developers require a mandatory double garage or a double-storey house on a particular block.

The main goal should be to maximise the space available if the block size is smaller. Make a narrow lot look bigger by combining a higher ceiling and bigger windows for more light to get in. 

Make space for your furniture and appliances

Furniture will be the most important part of the house to make it more livable. If you are very particular about it, then make sure that your furniture will fit in by planning enough space. A floor plan that’s inconvenient to furnish is going to impact on that feeling of comfort in your new home.

Refrigerators can vary in size and if your plan is to get a bigger fridge then make sure you have enough space. Another kitchen appliance to consider is the microwave and oven. By having a separate tower for microwave and oven can make the kitchen look more organised.  

Plan for the future

Not everything can be added to a house when building it initially. Consider the additions you’d like to make in the future, like adding a pool, extending the house size or even creating some outdoor living spaces by adding a pergola or alfresco. 

If you have a requirement of working from home or planning to have a home office then contemplate an idea of private office space with better privacy and accessibility.

Design a guest bedroom that can be converted into a living room or an office space whenever required with bathroom facilities.

Consider wide and open spaces

Many floor plans feature the open concept. It’s a modern layout because of the lack of walls between the kitchen, dining and living area to allow more socialising. With open floor plan in the home designs, think about how the rooms connect and create better accessibility throughout the house. 

Looking for a custom plan instead?

If you need to make extensive changes in the existing plans available If you simply can’t seem to find the plan that you’re looking for then you might need a custom approach.

There are plenty of great plans available. But the difference between a good plan and the right plan is finding the one that works best for your lifestyle. 

However, there will be must-have features that are absolutely required in the house and the affordable budget to plan out.

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