How to Create a Perfect Family Bathroom

Designing a bathroom that meets all of your family’s needs can be a tricky process. You have to find a design that works for adults and children. There are many ways you can plan the perfect family bathroom and ideas that are safe yet stylish and suitable for the whole family. 

Here are some tips to give you great design ideas to create your perfect bathroom: 

1. Space, Storage, and Style 

The use of space, choosing smart storage options which also look stylish is the key to make your bathroom a perfect place for both adults and kids. The design should be multi-purpose, which means it should make the place fun and enjoyable experience for both adults and kids. Having a vanity basin unit is an excellent way of keeping your essentials organized without using up any extra bathroom space, and it also helps you keep away bath toys and give you a clean de-clutter feel. 

2. Color 

For your bathroom design, don’t be afraid to have a bit of fun. You can go with a pop of colour or bright splashbacks or even keep it neutral while incorporating some indoor plants; the choice is yours. Take this chance and be creative with designing the space while expressing yours and your family’s style. But our recommendation is to go with neutrals as it gives a cleaner and fresher look to space. 

3. Lighting 

When it comes to the bathroom, lighting is an important factor to make space appear nicer. A bathroom requires both natural and artificial light in its space. And this is why our expert team provide you with several options like skylights or large window which gives natural light in your bathroom but at the same time not compromise your privacy. 

4. Flooring 

A family bathroom is the most used space, and by that, it means the floor tends to get very dirty very quickly. And nothing makes a bathroom unpleasant than a nasty and unclean floor. Suitable flooring which is easy to clean and non-slippery is the one you should look for. 

5. Pick toilet with soft close seat 

If you have kids, then this is the best option for you. If the toilet lid accidentally dropped it usually bang shut with a clatter. With installing a toilet with a soft close seat, if your kids ever had the misfortune of trapping their fingers, you’ll be relieved to find out this sort of accident can be easily prevented. 

We understand that creating a space that works for all and yet still looks stylish and orderly is a challenge in itself. At Ridgewater Homes, we have our expert team ready for you to guide you in every step of your building journey. 

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