How To Choose Right Windows for Your Home?

When it comes to picking a window for your house, there are plenty of options in the market available which can be confusing. It is essential to choose the right windows for your home because it enhances energy efficiency, adds architectural interest, increases the value of your home, and light up the interiors of your home. 

But with plenty of options available, how are you supposed to choose the right windows for your home? Here is some information for you to choose the right windows for your home. 

The Frame 

There are a variety of materials that are available for window frames. Each material has positive and negative aspects. It would help if you matched your windows to the climate of your location. Most people think a wooden frame is less prone to heat and cold transfer than an aluminium one because metals conduct temperature much more quickly than wood. But that doesn’t mean the wood is always the best choice for a utility-bill-friendly window. There are options like vinyl, fibreglass, composite, wood clad, wood, or aluminium. 

The Style 


The only practical use of bifold style windows is for bifold doors or bifold kitchen windows. They are most suitable for open plan living. 


The most common one among all the styles is the sliding window. In traditional sliding windows and doors, they are usually are in aluminium. They are one of the most reliable opening systems among the rest options. If you want to include a fly screen, these windows are the easiest for that. 


Stacking windows and doors is extremely popular these days because they offer the ease of sliding systems along with that it can also be pushed to one side like the bifold. You also add screen doors with ease. Stackers are the pick for many new homes as they tick plenty of boxes for a modern home. 


These windows are hinged from the top of the frames of the windows. It can be opened by being pushed from the bottom with a winder. This window type is more secure because you can leave the window open just slightly during the day for ventilation even while you’re out of your home. 

The Glass: 

  • Matelux glass: This is an acid-edged glass with a unique satin finish ideal for people who want complete privacy to their front door or bathroom without sacrificing natural light.
  • Satinlite glass: This is an obscure patterned glass that also provides privacy. 
  • Translucent laminated glass: It is a frosted glass that provides privacy and gives off diffused soft light. 

Glazing options 

  • Single glazing: The most affordable glazing option for your new home.
  • Double glazing: These are energy-efficient windows made up of two panes of glass separated by an air gap by creating a thermal break.

We at Ridgewater Homes are excited to be part of your home-building journey. If you’ve got any more questions about choosing the perfect windows for your new home, you can contact our team, who will show you which windows are suitable for your home and can add just that finishing touch. 

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