Design your home to adjust for hot and cool weather

Australia is a vast country that has many climates. Building a house in such a place where the weather is unpredictable is difficult. In Victoria alone, we witness extreme weather throughout the year. Before you embark on your home building journey, we recommend considering different heating and cooling strategies to suit the weather for your home. 

Even though most of the houses have heating and cooling systems, it does consume a lot of energy and electricity in reality. And of course, with that comes the heating and cooling system cost, which can be a hefty expense. Design your house in a way that can help you get through the heat of the summers, the cold of the winters, and of course, rain. 

Here are four major factors to consider for sustainable heating and cooling while designing your home: 

  1. Select an open plan design because it is suitable for all weather. 
  2. Protected spaces from extreme heat, rain, or a cold breeze. 
  3. Crossflow breezes for ventilation. 
  4. How your home is positioned on the block. 

Extra Tips 

  • For the summertime, having outdoors living areas that connect indoor living areas would be a great option. 
  • And as for windows, go for large windows because it helps light up your space and allows the breeze to pass. 
  • Use curtains which are thicker with pelmets because it helps retain heat in winter. 
  • Higher insulating glass is a good option for windows as it has a coating to prevent heat gain and heat loss. 
  • Select double glazing, which is two sheets of glasses that are separated by an air cavity. 

As your home builder, the Ridgewater Homes team is here to help you and ensure that the correct strategies are implemented. Our team will guide you to select the best and appropriate design to make living conditions suitable for your comfort. 

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