Butler’s Pantry: Why Do You Need One?

A kitchen is a place that gets messy faster than any other space in the house. Having a dirty and unclean kitchen is not a very good look when you have your guest over. And that’s where having a butler’s pantry in your home can be a great option. It not only provides extra storage space but also gives a luxurious touch to your kitchen. 

But before we go into more details about butler’s pantry, let’s know what exactly is a Butler’s Pantry. 

A butler’s pantry is a small room just off your kitchen that provides extra storage and food preparation space. Historically, butler’s pantries were used to store valuable silverware and china. 

A few of the benefits of butler’s pantry 

  • Your kitchen can always be mess-free and clean 
  • Provides a better design for a kitchen that has corner cabinets, which are hard to access. 
  • Great storage place for non-regularly used items. 
  • Great place to do all prep work when you have guests over. 
  • You can keep all items like toasters, microwave, blender, coffee machines, juicers, etc. 

Here are some uses and tips 

  • Adding a sink in the butler’s pantry is a great idea because all the dishes can go there when you have people over your home. 
  • Install good lighting to make your preparation easier. 
  • Try to incorporate bench space shelving and ensure the shelves are up to the ceiling. 
  • Don’t spend more on butler’s pantry than your main kitchen. The main kitchen is the focal point of your house, whereas the butler’s kitchen is hidden. You can choose cheaper material and cabinetry or your butler’s kitchen. 
  • You can have shelves instead of drawers. 
  • Adding storage baskets and containers is a great way to organize the items in an order. 
  • Glass jars and containers are perfect and easy to find anything you are looking for as they are see-through. Makes your job easier. 

For more information about adding a butler’s pantry to your kitchen, contact us today! 

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