Best Features That Add Value To Your Home

Any new feature you add to your home that further elevates its liveability, beauty and practicality will also increase your property value in the market. 

Here are the areas of your house which you must seriously consider, in terms of amenities, to spruce up, to meet or even exceed the market’s expectations. 


It’s the first part of your home which meets any of your visitors’ discerning eyes. It sets your residence’s tone and personality and gives prospective buyers the ideal impression of what to expect inside. 

As a suggestion, the frontage should reflect and clean and well-organised feel, which will relay the message that it is a low-maintenance property. 

You can project this impression through manicured gardens and nothing in the front that says it needs some repair. 

The facade doesn’t impact the comfort of whoever will live inside the property, so it’s best to do simple alterations like a new paint job or additional nice features like a letterbox or the house number displayed outside. 


Investing wisely in your kitchen should always be on features that the buyer will be sure to appreciate several years down the road. 

The kitchen is the best section to start adding value to the home. Being the source of food for everyone, it has a major impact on the overall functionality of the house to its owners. 

The kitchen also projects the style you want to project by installing luxury stones, porcelain benches and top-of-the-line appliances. 


They are essential in adding immense value to the property, but they also can tempt the owner to overspend on its features. 

The minimum expectation of buyers towards bathrooms is that they should be functional and tidy. But a contemporary style bathroom makeover will surely endear the buyer towards purchasing the property. 


This section is particularly appealing to buyers if it is renovated in a style that is contemporary fashion. This is true for older homes which originally didn’t have an open plan format which most buyers today prefer. 

In recent years, this style has been trendy in the market and is a major consideration in the buyer’s purchase decision. 

Homeowners actually want a livable home which is at the same time retains its character and charm. At the same time, contemporary styled living rooms have a very affordable cost when renovation comes along. 


When remodelling, don’t make significant changes to your bedrooms because this is unlikely to add a considerable value to the property. 

Make do with simple changes like fresh paint, replacing tired or damaged flooring, or installing built-in features. 


Consider adding or refurbishing the alfresco living space of your home. 

This move will add major value to the property because most buyers like their home’s exteriors to be a venue for their relaxation time during the week. 

Whatever you decide to improve, like timber, paving or composite decking, will be a refreshing feature and mostly a low-maintenance investment. 


If you’re planning on renovation or adding extensions to your home, go for the professionals in this field. Ridgewater Homes have the people and the experience that will make your investment grow in value when you give the renovation tasks to us.

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