Best Eco-Friendly Building Materials For Your Home

The benefits of building an eco-friendly home are numerous. From its stunning natural looks to its low operating costs while being more environmentally friendly than any other type of home. Here are Australia’s best eco-friendly building materials to use effectively in building your home. 


Timber is environmentally friendly as it absorbs carbon dioxide from the trees. However, Timber does not emit natural green gases into the atmosphere after it is felled, as it naturally encapsulates it, preventing it from leaking out into the atmosphere or into your home. 

Natural Stone 

Building with stone is low maintenance and eco-friendly. The stone naturally looks stunning and does not need any paint or finish. Using them won’t release harmful chemicals or toxins into the interior of your home, and you wouldn’t need any additional resources to make the material as stone occurs naturally. The leftover stone can also be used for home finishes like countertops or tiles. 

Recycled building materials 

Recycled building materials aren’t renewable like natural ones, but these used materials are given a second chance. Circular construction diverts waste from landfills and repurposes them as structural materials. For 

example, using recycled metal for your home will get you all the benefits of metal while minimising its environmental impact. 

Glazed Glass 

Double glazing reduces the transfer of heat as the insulating gas in the void between the panes helps to prevent heat from passing through it. Therefore, it improves sustainability by keeping the home cooler during summer and warmer during winter for reduced energy usage. 


Mud brick is one of the best natural construction materials to be used in Australia, and they are very suitable to use across the country. They are natural, inexpensive, fire-resistant, and good insulators because they are made from earth, water, and straw. 

If you are planning to design and build your own Eco- friendly home, the Ridgewater Homes team can help you choose and select the best options for your home. 

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