5 Top Features To Consider Before Building Your Home

The building process of a house is definitely complex and a time-consuming one. But before you move forward with your building journey, there are many things to consider. Knowing the features that are important to you and your family will save you from regretting later when you won’t have any option but to live with what you’ve got. 

So, here’s our guide for top features that you need to consider before building your home. 

Size of The House 

Housing is a basic human need and its quality, price and availability are crucially important for a quality of life. How big is your house? Is there an optimum amount of floor space per person? These things matter when you are building your own home. Houses in every neighbourhood have various square footage dimensions for the different rooms. When you are establishing the market value, the homes surrounding a specific house is essential. When adjacent homes are smaller than your home, they can act as a benchmark of the price appreciation of your home. 

Bathrooms and Bedrooms 

A bedroom is an essential place where people relax after a long day of activities. The most well-liked houses usually have three or four bedrooms, and such homes attract more potential buyers when it is time for reselling. House with an ensuite in the master bedroom and a separate bathroom for guest bedrooms is the one to consider for a more luxurious lifestyle setting. 

The Kitchen 

People invest a lot in a kitchen. It is the most important area in your home because it is the centre of your family’s day to day living. Your kitchen is the bonding area that not only ties your home together, but it also ties your loved ones together. Typically, houses with a large kitchen are more preferred, particularly when they are equipped with modern appliances. With open floor plans, the breakfast nook and dining room must be situated adjacent to the kitchen. 

Storage Space 

An often-overlooked aspect of home design is the amount of storage that is placed into the design. Homes that features a master bedroom with walk-in closet space is highly desirable, particularly cupboards for towels and linen in the bathrooms or hallways is a huge plus. Laundry facilities must be in a convenient space on the main floor of the home without being an eyesore. 

Landscaping and Lot Spaces 

It has been proven that proper landscape planning and designs with the sustainability concept and approach help to create a conducive and responsive environment of housing development. The location, planning, layout and landscape design of the house makes an important contribution to community spirit. Try to find a house with a rectangular lot and avoid lots that are oddly shaped or strangely situated. 

With just a little knowledge and research, you will be able to build the perfect dream house. But if this is all seem a bit confusing for you, our expert team at Ridgewater Home are here to guide you along the way. 

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